Inspired by @BWN_7 aka Brett who actually asked me to write about *things I feel compelled to finish* but I am NOT A CLOSER so started that list and am not compelled to finish it because it is way boring. So here's this one.
  1. Romantic relationships
    Except the one I'm in now and the one immediately before (which ended at 360 days for the reason one might imagine), they usually end at three months or the first fight.
  2. Books
    This beauty of being older is realizing that you don't have to finish a crappy book. The relief!
  3. Plays
    My friend and I left one at intermission. I love plays but this one was a snoozer. I felt like such a naughty girl but who cares! The audience was full without us.
  4. House projects
    I'll get 6/7 of the way thru and then run out of juice. Why can't I finish? Combo of perfectionism and laziness.
  5. Sorting the black socks
    Oh I'll sort some of them, but then it just gets too tedious
  6. My vegetables
  7. The second pop tart in the packet
    Cause stale pop tarts actually taste better with age. So I'm happy to leave one in there for later, and don't even seal the packet. This should probably bother me more then it does.