I thought there were more, so clearly time heals all wounds. Please share yours.
  1. Referring to the librarian right in front of us: "she has a big nose"
    He was 3. My inadequate response at the time: "uh, no, she doesn't"--dragging him away from desk. He is now 11. She is still at our library.
  2. The tantrum with capital T
    What's the worst place your toddler could tantrum? That's right, in the frigging immigration line. Everyone had just come off their long haul flights, including us. I either got angry looks, outright ignoring, or unhelpful offers of candy: lady, if it were that easy, he'd have Twizzlers in his mouth already. Meanwhile, a uniformed officer is standing by, alert, in case this is a "distraction" I've cooked up to sneak someone important in the country. Lordy. Eventually it ended. He's forgiven now.
  3. My friend's husband for some reason called breast feeding "tittie" all the time with their first baby...
    So her two year old would yell "I want tittie!" occasionally while out shopping. In her words: "Made it kind of hard to wean..."
    Suggested by   @gwcoffey
  4. My younger sister is 3 and the other day in the store she waved and said hi to a random old lady then like 5 seconds later she said (really loudly) "Mommy, I just said hi to grandma!!!!"
    Suggested by   @dogs
  5. Called a lady pregnant when she wasn't.
    Yup. Classic. We were in an ice cream store and he loudly declared that a woman had a baby in her tummy when she didn't. I don't think she heard him, miraculously. But then again I'll never know because I may have hid under the table.
    Suggested by   @Veronique
  6. When they use words wrong
    When one has said the wrong thing and no one knows what they're trying to say. So they start shouting the words because they think that's the problem. And it's very embarrassing when they're yelling: I'm saying you stink a lot!!!! Translation: you are wearing something that smells good, and they're complimenting your scent 😕
    Suggested by   @wilmotwrites