Why I don't Religion

Inspired by @Boogie
  1. When I was 10 I lived in West Africa
    A little known country called Mauritania. 3/4 desert and pretty "underdeveloped"—the term the US government uses.
  2. My dad was "posted" out there with the US Embassy
    Was a lot of fun to be there. Sand dunes, etc.
  3. There were only six or so American families working at the embassy
    And only one of them had a child, and she was somewhat near my age
  4. I think her name was Elizabeth?
    Let's assume so for this purpose
  5. My parents wanted to help me make friends with her
    Since we were the only two American children in that country (I am not exaggerating.)
  6. Her mom suggested she teach us both Sunday School
  7. My parents also didn't Religion, so they were dubious
    I don't entirely know why they weren't believers, but it had something to do with losing two young children (one to illness, and another was just s preemie who didn't make it).
  8. But any port in a storm
    Plus a morning away from a sometimes bored 11 year old (there was no tv).
  9. So I went to Sunday School
    And it really was schooling, since I didn't know anything about religion, bible, etc.
  10. I liked the stories, and the felt board
    I remember a "cart before the horse" story
  11. But there was something I didn't care for
  12. At the end of Sunday School, we were supposed to close our eyes and Elizabeth's mom said something like this:
  13. Do you know what's coming?
  14. No, she didn't say that
  15. Was just giving you a second to guess what she said.
  16. Ok, here it is now.
  17. She said "This is a chance for anyone who needs to to accept Jesus Christ as their lord and personal savior".
  18. "Let's take a minute to do this."
  19. There were only three people in the room
  20. Elizabeth, her mom, and me
  21. So guess who was, um, let's say "on the spot".
    Cause, um, obviously they were both all in with Jesus already
  22. I didn't do anything
    But I felt weird.
  23. The mom did it again after the next class
    And I felt doubly weird
  24. And I told my mom about it
  25. My mom said I didn't have to go to Sunday School anymore
    (I think she was pretty pissed off about the whole experience.)
  26. And I didn't
  27. Elizabeth and her family got reposted somewhere else not long after
  28. And were replaced with a family with a 12 year old boy who was obsessed with Star Wars
  29. I pretended to be into Star Wars
  30. I wasn't
    I'd seen the movie the year before (there was only the one movie), and it was good and all, but all this boy wanted to do was play storm troopers with his toys or whatever
  31. But it was much easier to pretend to be into Star Wars
  32. The End
  33. P.s. If she hadn't done that pressuring move, I would have likely been a lot more open to religion later in my life.