Part I of a list of the best food and beverage establishments in Portland, Oregon.
  1. Ox (Argentinian)
    This is objectively the best restaurant in Portland. You get the meat. The pork chop and the skirt steak are preferred. The empanadas are endorsed. Sit by the indoor grill. They will bring out bread, salted butter, chimichurri, and much more.
  2. Tasty n Sons or Tasty n Alder (Eclectic Portland)
    You get the Radicchio Salad (served with tiny pieces of tender pork belly known as "lardons.") and the Steak n Eggs (served in a skillet atop a cornmeal-jalepeño pancake).
  3. Pok Pok (Real Thai)
    You get the wings.
  4. North 45 (Bar)
    You get the Moscow Mule.
  5. Nuestra Cocina (Southern Mexican/Central American)
    You get the Gorditas.
  6. Café Umbria (Italian Coffee)
    Not a typical rustic Portland coffee shop. More of a pho-modern Italian aesthetic. Nevertheless, the coffee is phenomenal. The owners are genuine Italians. Given this, don't try to not order espresso. They serve drip, but it is not endorsed.
  7. Shigezo (Japanese)
    You get any ramen. Add pork belly and soft-boiled eggs.
  8. Ken's Artisan Pizza (Pizza)
    You get any pizza, but the fennel sausage is endorsed. Try the mussels and the Caesar salad.
  9. LucLac (Nouveau Vietnamese)
    Open until 4:00 AM on weekends and 12:00 AM on weeknights, this late-night pocket of lively hipness amidst a dark downtown neighborhood is sure to make you feel like you've found a "secret." You get the combination plate with rice.
  10. Lardo (Sandwiches)
    You get the pork meatball banh mi or the pork belly gyro.
  11. Laurelhurst Market (Nouveau American)
    You get the meat board and the burger.
  12. Sunshine Tavern (Bar/Food)
    You get the fried chicken sandwich. Make certain to add the spicy sauce.
  13. Clyde Common (Esteemed Bar)
    You get any original by Jeffrey Morgenthaler. Around Christmas time, the eggnog is unavoidable.
  14. Salt and Straw (Ice Cream)
    You ask for the black truffle ice cream. If they're out, the olive oil is the next preferred.
  15. Little Big Burger (Hamburgers)
    You get two burgers, medium-rare — one with chèvre, one with blue cheese — and a side of truffle fries. Sadly, Little Big Burger, despite its exquisite food, is plagued by its garish fluorescent lighting and jarring punk-metal music, which render the interior uninhabitable. Given this, the restaurant is only endorsed as an outdoor or takeout option.
  16. Ristretto Roasters (Coffee)
    You go to the industrial district location and you get any coffee. The macchiato is strongly recommended. With 30 foot vaulted ceilings and retrofitted wooden pillars, the atmosphere is extraordinary. Moreover, it is attached to an indoor lighting company called "Schoolhouse Electric." It is a great place to bring a MacBook and relax.