Final: June 6th (I will be in Madrid from May to August so I favor Spanish teams)
  1. Barcelona
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    If Barcelona are in the final I will be on the first train there. It's sometimes hard not to root for Messi. Also, Ivan Rakitić, Luiz Suárez, Iniesta, and literally everyone else are incredible to watch.
  2. Atlético de Madrid
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    I want a Madrid team to win the final so I can be in Madrid for that atmosphere. This team definitely has the cooler, underdog vibe compared to the successful Real. Plus, MANDŽUKIĆ.
  3. Real Madrid
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    I like the team, want to watch Marcelo and Benzema often. Ronaldo is also world class, but not easy to root for. It is not hip, per say, to be a Real Madrid fan because they're so good. Mostly want this team so I can experience Madrid's championship celebration.
  4. Juventus
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    These guys are fun, Pirlo is the shit, and I've lived in Italy too much not to root for an Italian team. Would be happy if Juve won.
  5. Monaco
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    REALLY have the underdog vibe, but I'm not in love with the team. The players are very cool though. Dimitar Berbatov is smooth as fuck.
  6. Bayern Munich
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    An obvious favorite, but not super likable. I like all the players, but it's hard to root for a team who just wins so often (that's why I put Barcelona first). Robin, Ribery, Neuer, and Götze will be fun to watch.
  7. Porto
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    Definitely underdogs, but I don't know the team that well. I'm not gonna pretend I watch the Portuguese league often. It's hard to root for players you're not familiar with.
  8. Paris Saint-Germain
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    Though their world class, these guys are not fun to me. I don't know why, but I don't find the team exciting. Also, I am begrudging because they defeated Chelsea with an amazing, 10 man performance.