1. You get great exercise without getting bored
  2. You can play with strangers anywhere in the world
  3. You can make instant friends anywhere you play
  4. It's cheap, you don't need a lot
  5. 3-5 is a great group size for anything, especially a basketball team.
  6. It gets you out of your sociocultural bubble.
  7. Every height/body type has its own significant advantages (even being short!)
  8. If you're not that good, but you play really hard, your teammates will appreciate you.
  9. Playing at public parks will let you meet people from all over the city.
  10. The characters are unforgettable. Chatting on the side of the court while waiting to run can produce priceless moments.
  11. There's no feeling like the simple satisfaction of perfectly directing a ball into the back of a 10-foot high net - especially if it's a game winning shot.