An optimal way to supplement your fandom with expert opinion. Also great to fall asleep to.
  1. The Lowe Post
    Zach Lowe has an experts eye on the sport. His opinions are moderate, educated, and rarely stubborn. The conversations in this podcast always unfold in an agreeable, diplomatic, and entertaining fashion. Lowe also has exquisite guests. Plus, you can't argue with the name.
  2. The B.S. Report
    Hosted by ESPN's Bill Simmons. At times, Simmons employs service-level, emotionally-driven techniques to understand the game. He is also quick to dismiss coaches, almost implying that he could make better decisions, and disregarding the fact that they are experts who have dedicated their lives to the game. Nevertheless, his content is undeniably humorous and does still have a serious edge. A strength of the podcast that the listener feels like they know Simmons and are in the same room as him.
  3. The Starters (formerly The Basketball Jones)
    A multi-media evolution of a once-glorious basketball podcast known as The Basketball Jones, The Starters stands as highly entertaining, though sometimes hokey. Still, the four panelists have an unrivaled level of chemistry from years of friendship. And they truly do provide some good insight.