I have been to Los Angeles for a total of 7 days in my life. This list is based off of my limited experience.
  1. Tiny cities
    I thought LA was this huge metropolis, but when I was there it felt like neighborhood after neighborhood and I kept waiting for it to amount to something greater. What is the climax of LA???
  2. Valero
    What is this? These do not exist in the NW, but I liked these gas stations.
  3. Where is the beach?
    No matter how hard I drove, it felt like there was some force field preventing me from getting to the beach. LA had been promoted to me as a beach city, but it felt barely emphasized.
  4. The airport evokes arguments
    Have been through LAX multiple times and I've always gotten into an argument with someone I was traveling with. That said, some good memories at the rental car agency.
  5. Food poisoning at the Staples Center
    Got food poisoning at a Lakers game while wearing a Blazers jersey. Herds of drunk Lakers fans ridiculed me as I hurled in a bathroom for hours.
  6. The Los Angeles Times
    During one of my short visits at age 8 I found out that New York was not the only city with a "times" newspaper. This was mind-blowing for some reason.
  7. Coffee?
    Where is there good coffee in LA? I went to a few places in Silver Lake but didn't love them.
  8. The Los Angeles River...
    What's the story here?
  9. Observatory
    One of my favorite places I visited. The whipping wind made me feel like I was in the fucking sky.
  10. Feeling okay alone
    Good city to visit to get over a breakup.
  11. Sunsets
    Los Angeles feels like an eternal sunset. This makes me feel like I'm simultaneously creating and experiencing nostalgia. It's a beautiful place.