Complete with visuals.
  1. THE CAT (Mike Myers) in DR. SEUSS' CAT IN THE HAT.
    Actor, singer, rapper; Drake is clearly a man who can wear many hats--why not put him in one?
  2. TONY (Richard Beymer) in WEST SIDE STORY.
    This one is a layup. After Drake's beef with Meek Mill it's clear he knows how to handle a feud. And after Hotline Bling, it would be a sin to not have him dancing on the big screen. (Sidenote: I've never seen this movie but wiki tells me it's about fighting and dancing)
  3. ROSE (Kate Winslet) in TITANIC.
    To be taken seriously you have to master a challenging role. Some may question if Drake has the chops to play a woman; I question why he hasn't already. Plus, a shirtless Drake being sketched would spice up any movie.
  4. VITO CORLEONE (Marlon Brando) in THE GODFATHER.
    A man who will stop at nothing to build a dynasty and retain it, no matter the cost. Sound familiar? Drake didn't become the mogul he is today without spilling some blood along the way. (Or maybe he did--I'm not sure how literal Started From the Bottom is).
  5. JOEL (Tom Cruise) in RISKY BUSINESS.
    Teenage Drake got into some wild shit, no doubt. This would be less acting and more re-enacting.