1. Anna
    Knew what career she wanted since high school. Uses an accordion folder at work AND at home.
  2. Beth
    An expert observer who likes to stay out of the spotlight. Better taste in music than your musician boyfriend.
  3. Claire
    Has the kind of glamorous drama-filled life you can't help but envy a little bit. Puts "xo" at the end of all her texts.
  4. Danielle
    A very functional hot mess. Outperforms everyone at work with a hangover and last night's makeup under her eyes.
  5. Erin
    Extremely un-petty. Somehow avoids gossiping with you without making you feel like an asshole.
  6. Frances
    Takes fashion risks so unapologetically that she could wear a bathtub and people would think it was brilliant.
  7. Grace
    A big sister to everyone. Bakes things for people just because, and remembers everybody's allergies.
  8. Hannah
    A totally boy-crazy romantic. Is secretly an Internet-famous erotic fiction writer whose works are based on popular franchises.
  9. Isabelle
    The kind of person you would never expect to get into a bar fight, but most definitely would.
  10. Jenna
    Friends with everyone she meets. Would survive in the wilderness by immediately assimilating into an animal family.
  11. Katie
    All American, tight-ponytailed jock. Too competitive to let the boys win. Or anyone else, for that matter.
  12. Lauren
    Loves inspirational quotes, and actually takes them to heart. Currently planning to move across the world all by herself.
  13. Margaret
    A sense of propriety that rivals the Queen of England's, and a freak in the sheets.
  14. Natalie
    Sardonic as fuck. Would win any Yo Mama battle. Would never admit she believes in true love.
  15. Olivia
    Hobbies: celebrating every weird holiday and making bizarre photoshop masterpieces.
  16. Penelope
    People think she's a total sweetie but she secretly puts hexes on those who've wronged her. And they work.
  17. Quinn
    Steady as a rock, and volunteers every Sunday with her running group.
  18. Ruby
    Is shockingly messy. Makes your life more interesting than one person should.
  19. Samantha
    Thinks about death a lot, and makes you feel better about it. Wears lots of eye makeup and pulls it off.
  20. Taylor
    A simple woman. Likes the outdoors, taking good Instagram photos, and working on her abs, which are really nice.
  21. Ursula
    A bit of a know-it-all, but so well-read you know she can't help it. Plus, it's awesome when she schools ignorant people.
  22. Vivian
    Suspiciously good with lethal weapons. Could definitely be an assassin.
  23. Wendy
    Alarmingly chill. If Vivian confessed to her that she was an assassin, Wendy wouldn't ask questions.
  24. Xotchil
    Has been drunk on a roof with you more often than not. Always knows what to order and really good at rolling cigarettes.
  25. Yasmin
    Dreams of living in the desert in an airstream trailer. Takes in strays.
  26. Zoe
    More pensive than her lighthearted name suggests. Writes poetry that's actually good, but no one will ever see it.