1. ALL Super Mario Bros
    All-nighters because pause button.
  2. Kirby
    Such an adorable little cloud.
  3. Mario Kart
    Don't get me started on everything I love about this game.
  4. SoCom-all.
    Like a boss. I miss this so much 😫.
  5. Assassins Creed
    Because who doesn't like to jump in a bale of hay?!
  6. Black Ops
    Not like SoCom but still a goodie.
  7. My Little Pony-Ponyville
    The mine cart game is so hard it's fun.
  8. Tetris
    Because feeling like a genius when you are on level 60 on easy is a great thing.
  9. Game Boy Batman
    Tiny graphics and tiny bats.
  10. Grand Theft Auto
    Criminal life is interesting through their eyes.
  11. Minecraft
    Duh. Yes I am a second-grader.
  12. Fruit Ninja
    I am such a boss on this game. Love the way you can sync your body to the tv.