Fred Savage.
  1. Brian Bloom.
  2. Every guy on the cover of Tiger Beat.
  3. Brett (from 1st-8th grade).
    Finally wrote the "yes, no, maybe" dating checklist to him in 6th grade of which he checked yes! We dated for a week.
  4. Brazilian dude in neighborhood who was like 20 years older and drove a convertible BMW with top down bumping "Red, Red Wine".
    I was like 10.
  5. Guy at NYC airport in 1989.
    Got a picture so I could never forget.
  6. Dude that came into my coffee shop in NYC during summer of '97 who was part Jewish and fixin to move down south.
    Where are ü now.
  7. Guy in my daycare.
    Whom we'd sneak off to the garage together and share dog food from the bag.
  8. Dude in checkout line last week.
    Okay this is out of context of the timeline yet seemed so fitting.