Ask the Magic 8-ball important questions about life.
  1. I had a dream/nightmare about a massive tornado and this is reoccurring. Does this mean a natural disaster will occur?
    Your life is a whirlwind of emotions.
  2. Can one find solace in this big world of fast cars and spendy restaurants?
    Sort of.
  3. Will I ever be happy with ONE lip gloss?
    Probably not.
  4. Can I possibly own just ONE or two handbags/purses?
  5. Will my future boyfriend accept, and be able to live with, the fact that I want to lick his asshole and deep throat that ass?
    Magic 8-ball says yes.
  6. Will my career in art thrive like I want it to?
    As long as you work your ass off and pay attention.
  7. Since Earth seems dismal, is there love for me on another planet say... Mars?
    Yep. Have fun looking forward to falling in love never again.