Okay that font was nice. Is that the same but bold? Anyway...this is aimed toward the guys; from a gals' perspective.
  1. After holding hands and talking about art and trees, ever so slightly bring her close.
    Don't go big just yet, let things progress from the casual biting of lip to the slip of tongue. Then stick your long Gene Simmons-esque tongue down her throat.
  2. If you are going to pull her hair during sex, here's a good time to test those waters.
    Also, spanking can be tested by a light tap of her rump of which she may/may not enjoy.
  3. Gradually do the brush-of-the-hair-off-the-shoulder trick as you hold her hair back, cradling the nape of her neck whilst dancing and flossing at the same time. Takes practice.
  4. Not really flossing.
  5. Kiss her neck. Then her ear; nibble. Right as she's exhaling with tiny pieces of ecstasy, wrap your fingers at the scalp and pull back aggressively... not too hard so her head doesn't come off or anything.
  6. Suck on the neck and bite. Not like a vampire but close to as you shall/shall not put small marks depending on the girl and/or what type of guy you are.
  7. These are called "hickies" and can be easily removed with A) frozen pennies and B) frozen spoons.
  8. I really hope these steps to romance have helped aid you in the kissing sector and lead you to a long night of fulfilling, orgasmic, Netflix and chill sex.