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A guest list by my best friend Dana written while watching The Empire Strikes Back. **possible spoilers**
  1. have Luke or Han Solo ever had sex with a woman before all this shit went down?
  2. why doesn't Leia just give Han Solo the money to pay back Jaba so he can come straight back to the station?
  3. why was the snow camel's (AT-AT) armor impenetrable when standing up but as soon as the rebels wrap the wire around its legs and it falls to the ground, the blasters can blow it up?
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  1. The people who get napkins for everybody
  2. And subsequently the people who use all the napkins
Cats have never liked me very much so whenever one shows me even the smallest bit of love it makes everything amazing!
  1. My Aunt and Uncle's cat took residence on my lap for a little while it was nice.
  2. My friend's cat sat on my lap for over an hour. I don't think my life was ever or will ever be better.
  3. One of my friends fosters kittens and she had to leave for the weekend so I had the immeasurable joy of taking care of them. I took a long nap with two of the kittens. Life doesn't get much better than that.
  4. I love cats so much and I love them even more when they love me back. Too bad I'm terribly allergic to them 😞
  1. Covered by many blankets
    Preferably my bed
  2. If it's night time, the lights stay on no matter what
  3. Food. ALL AROUND ME.
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About a week before I returned home from school my sister @lauramay started sending me these pictures that quickly became the thing I looked forward to everyday! These are some of my favorites
  1. it started off kind of weird
  2. Sometimes it was cute
  3. occasionally it was confusing and hilarious at the same time
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