I know you mean well. Trying to make the whole situation easier and less embarrassing. But it's not OK. When you say it is, you're unintentionally undermining my fragile authority. So here are some things you can say instead.
  1. "I know you didn't mean to."
    This is what most people mean when they say "it's okay". This is good because it lets me as their mom know that you realize my kid isn't an intentional little terror.
  2. "I accept your apology."
    Classic response anytime anyone apologizes, right?
  3. "I'm sure next time you'll be more careful."
    This one is best for when you're kind of still upset that the little brat wasn't looking as he was running and basically head-butted your junk. You're not fully ready to forgive but you're gonna give the kid the benefit of the doubt that he feels bad and learned to watch where he's going. He doesn't and he didn't.
  4. "You really should've listened to your mother."
    Chances are this whole situation could have been avoided had the kid just listened to me. It never hurts for her to be reminded of that.
  5. "Hakuna Matata!"
    Basically the same as "it's okay" but with a splash of "relax, momma". You'll get cool points. We will appreciate the reference. Everybody wins!