I got on the Pretty Little Liars train way late in the game, after much coaxing from my sister. I'm all caught up now but I very much have a love/hate relationship with this show.
  1. How do they keep sucking me back in?
  2. It's just the same premise over and over again.
  3. Why are so many people obsessed with these girls?
  4. I mean, I'm way more interesting than them. Why isn't anyone stalking me?
  5. Having a stalker is not something to aspire to, Alicia.
  6. I think the after high school ones are better than the high school ones though.
  7. Maybe because the girls are older and wiser.
  8. ...
  9. Seriously, have they learned NOTHING?! Don't set the evidence down...
  10. Yup, now it's gone.
  11. OMG. They're so stupid!
  12. Hulu why do you play the same annoying commercials over and over.
  13. It's because you want me to upgrade.
  14. I pay you enough Hulu. I don't need to pay for no commercials, I just need you to play more variety of commercials.
  15. ...
  16. Really???
  17. Oh no not really.. It was just a dream. Yeah, that makes more sense.
  18. Spencer is annoying.
  19. I want Aria's wardrobe.
  20. What does it say about me that I really like Mona?
  21. How are they all standing there but nobody saw anything? Clearly Jenna isn't the only blind one.
  22. Emily has a lot of white t-shirts.
  23. I love this commercial! Why doesn't Hulu play this one more? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  24. ...
  25. Toby is still weird.
  26. Why am I still watching this show?
  27. Creeeeeeepy...
  28. I want Hannah's wardrobe.
  29. How many people can you accidentally kill?
  30. OMG!
  31. Whaaaaaaaaat?....
  32. I freakin love this show!
  33. See ya next ep, bitches. -A.B.