Anytime I mention any of these shows, my sister is the only one who knows what I'm talking about. Was no one else watching these shows?
  1. Hang Time
    Just a bunch of white kids and one blackish (see what I did there) kid playing basketball. They had a girl on the team and one cheerleader who always hung out with them. I don't remember much about this show except the theme song which pops into my head at random times.
  2. Flash Foward
    This was on the Disney channel. They use to start every episode with a scene from when the two main characters (Tucker and Becca...maybe?) where little kids and then flash foward to present day and they'd sort of have a related situation between them only more complicated because... Teen years, ya know.
  3. American High
    I want to say this was on PBS perhaps? It was a reality show before reality tv became all there was on tv. They followed a bunch of kids through their senior year of high school. Think Laguna beach but without all the money.
  4. Just Deal
    All I really remember about this show is that they were always in the guidance counselor's office which looked like a rec room.
  5. S Club 7
    There was Miami and LA and maybe others. The cast was an actual music group. Like the spice girls but with boys in the group too. Spice kids? Maybe that's what the S stood for? I don't know. But I definitely still know the theme song to this and its cheesy and embarrassing.
  6. Higher Ground
    This show was awesome. A bunch of kids with varying troubles are sent as a last resort to a unique program that helps them work through their issues and gain wilderness skills. I would welcome a reboot of this. The drama was so good. And Hayden Christensen could come back as the new head of the program. I mean, what else is he doing?
  7. Instant Star
    A girl wins a music competition at 16 and is thrust into stardom and the music industry. I legit still have songs from this show on my playlist.
  8. Just realized, Jewel Staite was in 3 of those shows.
  9. I think we should revive these.
    Not Hang Time though. Probably not S Club 7 either.
  10. ...
    I don't remember enough about Just Deal to know if we should revisit it or not.
  11. Or at least some of these gems should be on Netflix...
    Probably not Hang Time though. Definitely S Club 7!
  12. So I can be like..