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This is a five part documentary that is part of ESPN's 30 for 30 series. The first part airs June 11 at 9pm eastern on ABC. The remaining parts will air on ESPN following week.
  1. The People vs. OJ Simpson was a great appetizer
    It was total trash TV, but it was great and I wanted more!! It took me back and reminded me of so many things I had forgotten. From all accounts, the Fx show is garbage compared to the documentary.
  2. 30 for 30 is ESPN at its best
    ESPN may not be your thing, but there's a reason it dominates sports. Generally its production is great and 30 for 30 is one of the best things it does.
  3. It's not just about the trial.
    There are five 90-minute parts and the murder and trial are covered in parts three and four.
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@deannalasker posted about the greatest office prank she ever saw in real life. This is the story of an office prank misfire.
  1. Right out of undergrad I learned the importance of locking my computer any time I left my desk at work.
  2. Failure to do this might result in your homepage being set to villagepeople.com and your speakers cranked up.
  3. The preferred move was changing the victim's wallpaper.
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Like so many things in life, pizza can be great or can be terrible, but should never be mediocre. Little Caesars has never been accused of being mediocre.
  1. $5 large pizza
    Eating on a budget? Need a bunch of pizzas for a child's birthday party? Want to give a pizza to a homeless guy? Little Caesars is the pizza for all occasions.
  2. Hot and ready
    Pizza in a fast-food format? Yes please! I once ordered one at a drive through.
  3. Crispy pepperoni
    It may not be real meat, but their pepperoni is never greasy (most of the time).
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I haven't made any catastrophic decisions in my life, but here are a few I'd like to take back.
  1. The mullet (lines included)
    When I was eight my family moved from Memphis to New Hampshire. In case there is any doubt, a sweet hair style in Tennessee isn't quite as awesome in New England.
  2. "Buying" and returning a new car
    Long story, but we took a new car off the lot before our financing was finalized and returned it three days later. The dealer was not pleased and threatened us with "subpoenas" and their made up lawyer Dewey Branstetter. It turns out that he was a very real and reputable attorney.
  3. Law School
    This picture sums it up. Do you see that happy guy? No you don't because they're all miserable. Dewey Branstetter got through it and so did I! I liked to say I'm grateful I did it, but that's a lie.
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  1. Hire a landscaping company
    Too expensive, but the neighbor's yard sure looks nice.
  2. Riding lawnmower
    Too expensive, but would be fun.
  3. Possible low cost alternative
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I like to think my wife and I are good parents, but even at eight and six our children have occasionally disagreed.
    Our daughter was four and seriously bingeing on Easter candy. I took the candy, put it in a bag on top of the fridge, and left the basket on her bed. When she got into bed she looked at the basket, threw it on the floor in disgust, and let us know how she felt.
  2. "Mom thinks I'm a good reader. I'm not."
    My son's reaction any time my wife bumps his reading up a level. Sorry buddy. You've read that same book enough times.
  3. "This is all your fault!!"
    I bought my daughter strawberries at a WaWa. I took off the protective sealing and let her open container. It was more difficult than I anticipated and strawberries went everywhere. She looked disappointed, but we were all calm and bought a replacement. I thought it was all good until she burst into tears in the car and let me know who was to blame.
  4. "I'm not a little kid or a big kid. I'm an in between kid."
    I had my son pay for something at a convenience store while I watched. He complained about it the rest of the day. I told him that I thought he was a big kid and it was time to do big kid things.
Recently I discovered that I only get some emails that are sent to all employees. I get all the policy changes, social awareness stuff, benefit changes, etc. However, I never get the "fun" emails. Here are a few examples.
  1. Office closing early due to snow.
    It was lightly snowing, but was going to get heavier in the evening. I made some sarcastic remark when everyone started leaving at 3pm. That's when I found out.
  2. Office closing early for Good Friday
    As a co-worker was leaving early to attend a service I wished him well. He informed that the office was closing early. That's when I found out.
  3. Employee appreciation lunch
    People are starting to catch on to the types of emails I don't get and told me about this the day before. The email was sent out a week earlier.
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I live in New Jersey and take the train to work. There are certain people I've learned to avoid.
  1. Boss guy
    The CFO of my company is a very nice man, but I'm so paranoid that I will come off like a stalker. We both ride a line that doesn't have very many express trains, so we tend to take the same train. We also get on the same PATH car because the doors open right by the stairs. I really don't want to be the stalker guy, but it might be too late.
  2. Chatty Cathy
    The beauty of public transportation is that I can just stare off into space for 90% of my commute. I don't need to spend that precious time engaged in small talk.
  3. Big guy
    Nothing against big guys. I'm a big guy, but it drives me nuts when some big guy sits next to me. Every morning I pray that nobody sits next to me, but if someone has to I prefer a small older Asian woman. When a big guy sits next to me I wonder what made them think it was a good idea. Did you not see that small Asian woman across the aisle!!
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Listeners of the Dan Le Batard Show tweet in what people in sports look like. Sort of like Jimmy Fallon's superlatives, but they tend to be more descriptive. These are a few of my favorites.
  1. Stan Van Gundy looks like the ring leader of a traveling circus six weeks from bankruptcy.
  2. Wade Phillips looks like someone you would find on a bottle of barbecue sauce.
    He also looks like a flabbergasted Boy Scout troop leader in the woods, who can't find his way back to camp.
  3. Mark Davis looks like what you would see in a PSA about the dangers of leaving your scarecrow too close to a radiator.
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