My children's reactions to good parenting

I like to think my wife and I are good parents, but even at eight and six our children have occasionally disagreed.
    Our daughter was four and seriously bingeing on Easter candy. I took the candy, put it in a bag on top of the fridge, and left the basket on her bed. When she got into bed she looked at the basket, threw it on the floor in disgust, and let us know how she felt.
  2. "Mom thinks I'm a good reader. I'm not."
    My son's reaction any time my wife bumps his reading up a level. Sorry buddy. You've read that same book enough times.
  3. "This is all your fault!!"
    I bought my daughter strawberries at a WaWa. I took off the protective sealing and let her open container. It was more difficult than I anticipated and strawberries went everywhere. She looked disappointed, but we were all calm and bought a replacement. I thought it was all good until she burst into tears in the car and let me know who was to blame.
  4. "I'm not a little kid or a big kid. I'm an in between kid."
    I had my son pay for something at a convenience store while I watched. He complained about it the rest of the day. I told him that I thought he was a big kid and it was time to do big kid things.