I live in New Jersey and take the train to work. There are certain people I've learned to avoid.
  1. Boss guy
    The CFO of my company is a very nice man, but I'm so paranoid that I will come off like a stalker. We both ride a line that doesn't have very many express trains, so we tend to take the same train. We also get on the same PATH car because the doors open right by the stairs. I really don't want to be the stalker guy, but it might be too late.
  2. Chatty Cathy
    The beauty of public transportation is that I can just stare off into space for 90% of my commute. I don't need to spend that precious time engaged in small talk.
  3. Big guy
    Nothing against big guys. I'm a big guy, but it drives me nuts when some big guy sits next to me. Every morning I pray that nobody sits next to me, but if someone has to I prefer a small older Asian woman. When a big guy sits next to me I wonder what made them think it was a good idea. Did you not see that small Asian woman across the aisle!!
  4. Former co-worker
    There is this girl that I use to work with that rides my train line. Every time I work on something she used to, I get so angry about how secretive she was about tasks she was under-qualified to do. I've only seen her from a distance on the train, but some days I have serious concerns about my ability to bite my tongue.
  5. Popcorn guy
    I feel confident saying guy because I have never seem a woman do this. I mean, bottle-in-the-brown-paper-bag guy is better than popcorn guy.
  6. Doesn't move to a open seat guy
    Hey buddy! We just passed that stop where half the train gets off! There are tons of empty seats. We don't need to sit together anymore. Move!!
  7. The aisle couple
    I'm not sure why this bothers me, but I hate it when half of a couple sits next to me and the other half is across the aisle. We get it! You're together. You don't need to chat across the aisle.