Why Little Caesars is Awesome

Like so many things in life, pizza can be great or can be terrible, but should never be mediocre. Little Caesars has never been accused of being mediocre.
  1. $5 large pizza
    Eating on a budget? Need a bunch of pizzas for a child's birthday party? Want to give a pizza to a homeless guy? Little Caesars is the pizza for all occasions.
  2. Hot and ready
    Pizza in a fast-food format? Yes please! I once ordered one at a drive through.
  3. Crispy pepperoni
    It may not be real meat, but their pepperoni is never greasy (most of the time).
  4. Low bar = Expectations always met
    You celebrate when the D student gets a B- in remedial math. Likewise, I've never been disappointed with Little Caesars.
  5. Solid cost-to-quality ratio
    Nothing is worse than feeling like you paid too much for food. Little Caesars' price point guarantees that will never happen.