Like so many things in life, pizza can be great or can be terrible, but should never be mediocre. Little Caesars has never been accused of being mediocre.
  1. $5 large pizza
    Eating on a budget? Need a bunch of pizzas for a child's birthday party? Want to give a pizza to a homeless guy? Little Caesars is the pizza for all occasions.
  2. Hot and ready
    Pizza in a fast-food format? Yes please! I once ordered one at a drive through.
  3. Crispy pepperoni
    It may not be real meat, but their pepperoni is never greasy (most of the time).
  4. Low bar = Expectations always met
    You celebrate when the D student gets a B- in remedial math. Likewise, I've never been disappointed with Little Caesars.
  5. Solid cost-to-quality ratio
    Nothing is worse than feeling like you paid too much for food. Little Caesars' price point guarantees that will never happen.