Someone's gotta do it.
  1. Peyton - she was the real star, not that walking smolder, CMM
  2. Haley - the soul and conscience of Tree Hill AND One Tree Hill
  3. Lucas - he was okay, I guess. Kinda artistic douche, you know?
  4. Brooke - hey gurl. Head cheerleader 4lyfe
  5. Whitey - I would run through a wall for that man
  6. Nathan - he started out as a total dick, but he came around eventually. Good for him.
  7. Skills - a cooler man has never lived
  8. Keith - the man cared, maybe too much. RIP Keith
  9. Deb - hey, gurl
  10. Mouth - the coolest little nerd there ever was, the original podcast host
  11. Karen - she woulda been higher but she jerked Keith around waaaaay too much
  12. Dan - FOH here, Dan. FOH all the way