Who's the best character in That Thing You Do? Let's figure it out. Hint: FOH Jimmy
  1. Guy Patterson - dude is the shit. Cool, talented, and respectful. What's not to love?
  2. Faye - she was the glue that held ever grind together, even while having to deal with that asshole James Mattingly III
  3. Mr. White - TTYD's only gay character comes in at #3 because he's all about the business. There's no time for funny business. And hey, watch the shelf.
  4. Lenny - Lenny was the funniest horndog this side of the Land of Lincoln. Never not hilarious and never took things too seriously, how could you not love him?
  5. TBP - dude didn't need a name to make an impact. He was as sweet as cherry pie AND he signed up for the Marines. That's what's up.
  6. Del Paxton - THE coolest cat there ever was. Even his walk showed you he was a boss. My dude had it going on.
  7. Phil Horace - you think he's gonna be a bad guy, but nope. He does good by our boys and hands them off to Mr. White at the right time. Shout out to Phil.
  8. Margueritte - hey gurl
  9. Mr. Patterson - hey look, he's just a small business owner trying to make a living, okay? Go bang on your little bongo drum.
  10. Lamarr - the best hotel concierge in the world, Lamarr had it going on. That was HIS hotel and everyone knew it.
  11. Chad - broken arm aside, the dude put his life back together by getting a job and dating Guy's sister. Smooth criminal.
  12. Tina's Dentist - holy crap, that dude was handsome
  13. Mrs. Patterson - the woman supported her son and played a mean organ. What's not to love?
  14. Tina- diva alert! Though her excuse to date her dentist was pretty creative. I didn't even know there WAS a #15 molar.
  15. Jimmy - FOH Jimmy. FOH all the way.