I obviously love my friends and family the most in the world. But them aside I have a true love for:
  1. Fountain Diet Coke: it must come from a fountain and it must be Diet Coke. Diet Pepsi is for chumps
  2. Amazon: I don't think there is one day that goes by that I do not marvel at the wonder that is Amazon prime. Luckily my best friend at work is equally as amazed. We discuss it at length. Also- I am totally aware of the horrible working conditions that occur at my Mecca. I feel really bad about it but I am addicted.
  3. Pizza: Any time of day, any day, all day
  4. Pure Beech Jersey sheets: they need to be jersey not modal.
  5. SVU marathons: stabler years are the best years
  6. "It's time for Dodger Baseball": vin is a simply the greatest. My greatest dream is for him to read Harry Potter aloud to me
  7. Harry Potter: Siruis Black is unarguably the best character
  8. Gummy Bears: Habiro or nothing
  9. Dogs: no explanation needed
  10. Nachos: see above
  11. The Office: I watch this every night before bed. Gay Witch Hunt is my favorite episode But I also have a million other favorites. I love @mindy and @bjnovak a crazy amount
  12. Bravo: Basically every single thing with the exception of Below Deck
  13. My job: my job is so tough but it makes me so so happy that I have found my perfect fit
  14. My Day Planner: it's monogrammed and pretty but it actually keeps me sane. It's my journal and my life line. I keep all my past planners as a way of documenting time, they are all color coded and insane and I love them.
  15. Sunglasses: I have so many pairs it's nutty and yet can't stop won't stop
  16. Sweats: I have a pair from high school that have be re-drawstringed 2 times. I would grab them in a fire.
  17. Joshua Jackson: Pacey. Fucking. Witter.