Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! was such a freeing voice for artists and a huge influence on my adolescence. I boiled down a list of ones I love to share with people who've never seen them. Here are some moments that have left an indelible mark on myself and others I've connected with over them. Feel free to suggest your own.
  1. Maria Bamford in Cleaning Up After Your Cat
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    This was the first Tim and Eric segment that won me over and got me hooked instantly. Maria Bamford is so spectacular and she makes this sketch what it is. http://bit.ly/1KRnbVn http://bit.ly/1L9tstf
  2. Cinco Urinal Shower
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    A portable attachment for the businessman on the go. The commercial takes a turn halfway through that breaks the fourth wall and makes it even more insane. http://bit.ly/1GFwlCu
  3. Grum
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    Grum is a grotesque, horribly animated movie-star monster who is obsessed with maize and mistakes native Americans as "clowns." He is a box office green nightmare with a high nasally voice that will sing about crackers and snacks. I'm so sick of writing about him. I hate this but we must watch him. http://bit.ly/1KRnCiu http://bit.ly/1L9tTUz http://bit.ly/1KRnCiv
  4. Fortin' With Will
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    This was the first time I've watched Will Forte and also my favorite. He tries to host a show with children ("None of them are my own") interrupted by episodes of rage as each aspect of forting reminds him of his irrational and over-demanding father. ("DONT YOU FLUSH THOSE TOILETS. I WANT YOU TO LEAVE THISE LOGS IN THERE FOR ME TO INSPECT.. i want to see them... want to see what you've done..") http://bit.ly/1ef2Nky
  5. Cinco i-Jammer and e-Bumper
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    I've thrown up laughing from this. A medium-sized box that emits different frequencies interfering with a child's brainwaves. Re-charge with O-Hungee, a nourishing unfamiliar slop that drips from the box for children to eat. No parents allowed. http://bit.ly/1MCA04a
  6. The Poop Tube
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    There is nothing more emasculating than having to sit down to poop. Thankfully we have the Poop Tube, a tube that is surgically implanted into your rectum them liquified and fired through the tube, regaining your dignity. Made by Bradley Michael Fartz ("My dad said *I* could sell the Poop Tube") http://bit.ly/1MCA7wJ
  7. The Business Hug
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    A tutorial dedicated to teach you the most subtle courtesies of the modern office. Be watchful for the power embrace. http://bit.ly/1L9vrOp http://bit.ly/1KRp0S2
  8. Terry Greene's Acting Seminar For Children
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    "Childhood is a joke" - Terry Greene (Zach Galifianakis) http://bit.ly/1KRoh3a http://bit.ly/1L9uAxh
  9. Steve Mahanahan's Child Clown Outlet and his father, Donnie Mahanahan's Child Clown Outlet
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    Rent a child clown for your next party or social gathering. These clowns come from Donnie's (Will Ferrell) seed who keeps them in tubes AND plastic bags! Use the horn to keep them awake, then discarded them into the drop off dumpster next to the outlet when you're done! http://bit.ly/1FVeJi1
  10. Cinco Boy
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    Mourning the death of a beloved son taken too soon? Cinco Boy is everything like your son, except he's better. You can watch your new Cinco Boy grow as you trade him in for older versions, and you can cancel your subscription at any time! http://bit.ly/1FVePq4 http://bit.ly/1FVePq5
  11. "A Father's Gift" feat. Frank Stallone
    It's amazing how much comedy Tim and Eric have wrung out of the trauma of children dealing with divorce! http://bit.ly/1L9yPsB
    Suggested by @angusisley
  12. I've always loved Tim & Eric's songs the best. Petite Feet really explores gender roles in the male dominated construct that is the American bar. Plus great use of chimes! http://bit.ly/1GITx4J
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    Suggested by @maddiecalls