I hate this. More memories.
  1. When I was 12 my class read The Outsiders and one night I rolled a post-it note and tried smoking it in my bathroom
  2. When I was 10 my school held an assembly with one of The World's Smartest Robots (self-claimed) as our guest and yelled at me in front of my peers.
    He stood 6 feet tall and weighed roughly 250ibs, zipping around the gym talking about all the wonders he could do. My friend and I got bored and started whispering to each other (like 10 year olds do). All of a sudden it immediately turned to us with a booming "HEY!" It then stood silent for 2 seconds, almost as if it turned off. It was devastating. It then proceeded boasting until the end of the assembly, until a kid jumped on its back and rode it for 15 feet while the robot yelled at him.
  3. The time I unintentionally came out of the closet
    In 2004 my local community college held a Space Camp for kids that I went to and the second day an older kid asked me in front of everyone if I was a "faggot." Not knowing what that word meant I said "I don't know. Sure." Everyone (including the camp counselors) didn't talk to me for the whole two weeks. As a result of no one talking/teaching me, it took me until 8th grade to learn what the planets past Jupiter were.
  4. In 6th grade I forgot my locker combination and was too embarrassed to ask the office for help, so I started faking sick every day
    This was to avoid getting yelled at by my 60 year old English teacher, who just got braces.
  5. I faked 2 years of knowing how to play trumpet in middle school until I was called out by my teacher 2 days before we went to a national tournament and won first place
    In 6th grade I played trumpet in band but didn't practice for a over year because I got away with imitating the studious trumpet girl next to me until one day my teacher asked us to play individually down the line two days before the Dourney Park National finals and when I played I began pantomiming like I always have and he immediately stopped me and said "You don't know how to play trumpet, do you?" I went anyways to the tournament and my grade and I won first place.
  6. When I was 11 I considered myself to be a "mellow-looking" boy so one day I lightly put a Crayola brown magic marker over my eyebrows to accentuate them (when I was 11 I also thought guys with thick dark eyebrows were cool and mysterious) I thought I got away with it til one day a group in the grade above addressed me as "the boy who wore makeup"
  7. In 7th grade I was called to the office to be told I was "selected for Willow Tree" which was a leadership organization in our school. The office staff was congratulating me then I found out a week later the way they picked students was by asking all the teachers "Who do you think will be most susceptible to having a drug problem in high school?"