1. Your dream last night
    Oh was I in it? Was it crazy? Was there some sort of suspended reality? Fascinating, but a fragment of your imagination. Next.
  2. Your workout
    Hot boot camp power vinyasa toning twerk cycle is fun, but have you tried the aerial version?
  3. The weather
    Science rules!
  4. Not dressing for the weather
    See above
  5. The month
    Can you believe it? Every 31 days there's a new one!
  6. How busy you are
    It's been crazy, but good! Busy is good!
  7. Drunk antics that I didn't witness
    Would I love your friend? They sound awesome.
  8. Babies in your life
    Unless I know this child's maker, chances are I don't care about their progress developing as a human.
  9. Your roommate's ineptitude
    Definitely leave a Post-it for her, 100%.