5 Celebrities I'd Love to Have a Beer With

This was not as simple as picking 5 celebrities I would love to meet. For this list I had to think hard about who I could really see myself hanging out with. Would the conversations be natural and not awkward? Would I feel nervous the whole time or pretty at ease despite their status? Do these seem like people who would be fun to be around?
  1. Jennifer Lawrence
    About as "down to earth" as any celebrity of her magnitude. She doesn't take herself or her celebrity too serious. She's goofy. Kind of hilarious. We'd have fun.
  2. Dave Grohl
    Probably the most charismatic and intelligent front man of any current rock band. And the Foo just happen to be my favorite band. He's got a great sense of humor, I assume he'd be fun to drink with, and imagine the stories this guy could tell from his life of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll.
  3. J.J. Abrams
    Getting a little tipsy with the brain behind Alias, Lost, and The Force Awakens? Sign me up!
  4. Bill Simmons
    I know. Strange choice, right? Well, I needed a sports guy (and he was once known as "The Sports Guy"), and let's face it, most athletes would not be as much fun to hang with as we think and neither would most sportscasters. But Mr. Simmons and I could debate who would win between the Warriors and Bulls one minute and 90210 vs. The OC the next. That's well rounded and my kind of dude. Plus he's from Boston so you know he can drink. Cheers!
  5. Jimmy Fallon
    Last spot was tough. I wanted a comedian. Seinfeld may seem like a no-brainer here but he's more of a get coffee in cars guy than get booze in bars guy. Larry David would seem great on paper but I don't think he really likes people or being out in public. Ricky Gervais was strongly considered as was Ellie Kemper. But Jimmy wins. Our night would start with me grilling him about his SNL days, move to beer pong, and likely end with us in jail. Odds I imitate his drunk Boston teen from SNL? 2-1.