My Favorite Selfies of 2016

  1. Getting ready for some Steelers playoff football.
  2. Dreaming of winning one hundred billion dollars in the Powerball.
  3. She's a "lap cat" and sometimes a "shoulder cat."
  4. Giant Tommy Lasorda bobblehead.
  5. Spring training at Camel Back Ranch!
  6. Occasionally she's a "back cat."
  7. Batman vs Superman
  8. Chillin' with Purrl.
  9. At the NFL draft in Chicago with Antonio Brown (sort of).
  10. Watching ESPN 30 for 30 "This Magic Moment" with Lil' Penny.
  11. Looking important with our walkies at Rock Valley College's commencement.
  12. Hanging with my niece, Savannah.
  13. Right after finishing the Tough Mudder...
  14. ...and 3 days after finishing the Tough Mudder.
  15. Getting my dog on at Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals.
  16. With my boo at Kauffman Stadium.
  17. Getting ready to slay a dragon at the Galloping Ghost Arcade!
  18. Lemur selfie.
  19. Guns 'N Roses at Soldier Field!
  20. Reppin' the 8-1-5 on Rockford Day.
  21. Wrigley bleacher selfie.
  22. Screw City Beer Festival!
  23. Oktoberfest!
  24. Lena Brewing rooster selfie.
  25. Purrl again.
  26. Stroll on State!
  27. Penguins!
  28. Tecumseh?
  29. Go Steelers!
  30. Heinz Field Sailgate!
  31. Rogue One!
  32. Construction selfie!