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  1. Agreed to walk my friends moms dog
    It is a v stupid small white shit dog and she lives directly across the street from Rittenhouse square
  2. Snooze my alarm that fateful Friday morning
    It was one too many snoozes so I was rushing
  3. Didn't check my school email upon waking up
    There was an email reminding me that my class, the reason I was rushing, was canceled
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Currently going through a v rough break up as an early 20 something. Send help and Oreos.
  1. Oil pull
    I will be waking up in my own home every morning instead of in someone else's so I can develop the stellar morning routine of my dreams
  2. Wear my funny t shirts
    He didn't think they were appropriate
  3. Wear black nail polish again
    14 year old me would have been livid that I let a boy convince me to don less black
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If you don't know who this woman is, educate yourself.
  1. She does not give a fuck that she is on a cable news network she will be speaking her mind
  2. Have we all seen her tear apart John Miller?
    Tbh it was better than John Oliver's segment
  3. She apologizes when she is wrong
    I.e. A few weeks ago when she incorrectly used a clip in reference to the trans bathroom rights bill, corrected herself, and still made a snarky remark
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  1. Never