If you don't know who this woman is, educate yourself.
  1. She does not give a fuck that she is on a cable news network she will be speaking her mind
  2. Have we all seen her tear apart John Miller?
    Tbh it was better than John Oliver's segment
  3. She apologizes when she is wrong
    I.e. A few weeks ago when she incorrectly used a clip in reference to the trans bathroom rights bill, corrected herself, and still made a snarky remark
  4. She gives a shit about the integrity of our democracy
  5. I watch her show with my dad
    We look forward to it almost as much as Silicon Valley and Veep
  6. I struggle with volume control, I believe Rach does as well
    Can I call you Rach?
  7. ...her fucking make up is actually fucking flawless every single fucking show