1. Read-in
    Did anyone else have these? Like a sit-in but for reading? We brought pillows and blankets and tons of books and just read all day, lounging around on the classroom floor. Basically a dream come true.
  2. Rainy days
  3. When you do stuff with the other classes
    When I was in 2nd grade, each class was learning about a different country. One day, we went around to all the classrooms to learn about that country--one of them was France, and we ate bread and cheese with grape juice and watched The Red Balloon. I felt so cultured!
  4. Sub days
  5. Back-to-school night
    For me, it was always a thrill to have my parents visit my classroom, but for some reason it was even more exciting when they came at night. Like it was a social engagement!
  6. Field trips
  7. Assemblies
  8. Last day of school
    Cleaning our desks with shaving cream was such a highlight, for some reason