As soon as I saw it outside I knew there was no way I could wait!
  1. This was the first envelope. So fun!
  2. She wrote a lovely note.
    Glad to see she also likes The Office! We're friends already 😜
  3. Awesome San Francisco postcards!
    Plus I LOVED the lists with each part of the gift. Also we both hate driving and parking in cities.
  4. See's Candies!!
    I'm excited to try these! Also, smelling chocolate in the air 😍😍 so beautiful!
  5. And flamingos!!!!
    I ❤️ these so much!
  6. I put them on my tree immediately!
  7. Thank you so much, @AileenRR!! I love it all! Let's be friends!
  8. And thanks, @ChrisK! I hope my gift lives up to the awesome one I received!