AKA the best Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. Collab with @bergbees
  1. The fashion is just...terrible.
    All of those funky pants?? And bucket hats??
  2. MK's smile doesn't reach her eyes.
    Why is hot British dude James into such a humorless girl?
  3. Perpetuating the obnoxious American stereotype...
  4. Shopping--MK&A's middle name
  5. Soundtrack holds up
  6. Who let these kids desecrate all of these London historical sites?
    And how can we get those privileges?
  7. But also we really miss London.
  8. Getting out of the friend zone: still tough as ever.
    But, it's not impossible.
  9. Two men's thumb rings in one scene is two too many.
  10. "Chloe, sometimes you win one thing...and lose another."
    Deep thoughts from James, the British guy. Other deep thoughts from this actor, Jesse Spencer: "lalalala lalalalala sheets of Egyptian cotton!"
  11. Crawling through air ducts with a guy--sure rom-com sign that a romantic moment is coming.
    "What just happened?" "We just kissed in an air duct?"
  12. OMG forgot about when they sneak into the "men's club" "impersonating" men.
    Their father is Lord Voldemort 😂😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  13. Fast-forwarding the boring and awkward tertiary romantic plot...
  14. Not only is this guy the Draco Malfoy of the movie, he's also a Justin Timberlake wannabe.
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    Ramen hair don't care.
  15. Their sheer lip gloss game is on point 👌🏻
  16. And...they legit ride off into the sunset on polo horses.
    We can't deny they have style.