There's a lot of good music that comes out every year, and 2016 is no different. Spotify seems to be the favorite among many so I will include links to each of these songs.
  1. 1. Tame Impala - New Person, Same Old Mistakes
    This bass heavy and psychedelic song is on their most recent album, 'Currents' One of my favorites from the album. I probably listened to this song alone at least a hundred times this year.
  2. 2. Sylvan Esso - Coffee
    Simply put, this song gets sexiest of the year.
  3. 3. Court Blass - Human
    This is a debut single that hits heavy. A Dallas songwriter and guitarist.
  4. 4. Kings of Leon - Conversation Piece
    This whole albums is great. Just a favorite track of mine that I think is exceptionally awesome.
  5. 5. Young Thug - Webbie
    Last, but not least is "Webbie". Young Thugs song on his album 'Jeffery'. This song is a guilty pleasure of mine. Vocally I think this dude knows what's up when it comes to hooks.
  6. Plenty more awesome music out there, these are just some that I think you should check out before the year ends.