Inspired by @jordyn
  1. "sweet baby james" by james taylor
  2. "california" by joni mitchell
  3. "tangerine" by led zeppelin
  4. "white rabbit" by jefferson airplane
  5. "america" by simon and garfunkel
  6. "just what i needed" by the cars
  7. "zombie" by the cranberries
  8. "pardon me" by incubus
  9. "only in dreams" by weezer
  10. "blame it on me" by barenaked ladies
  11. "just like heaven" by the cure
  12. "better together" by jack johnson
  13. "across the universe" by the beatles
  14. "your hand in mine" by explosions in the sky
  15. "transatlanticism" by death cab for cutie
  16. "flightless bird, american mouth" by iron and wine
  17. "tiger mountain peasant song" by first aid kit
  18. "sleepyhead" by passion pit
  19. "countdown" by beyonce
  20. "futile devices" by sufjan stevens