inspired by @taylormgoff
  1. that time that when mcdonald's changed their marketing campaign and i fell in (deeper) love.
  2. that time we went to disneyland.
  3. that time we were trying to model like @bennyptweets.
  4. that time that this app that i can't remember its name was popular.
  5. that time we were at spag fact but wished we were in disneyland.
  6. that time i wore all black everything in the middle of the sweltering summer.
  7. that time we did the whole puzzle minus the prince's face and we searched forever and finally found it in the garbage.
  8. that time i was checking that i looked semi-presentable after the log flume at lagoon.
  9. that time i looked really classy going to bed.
  10. that time that was the best spa day with the best friend.
  11. that time we drove to st george and back in one day.
  12. that time @paigewightman wasn't really a part of the family.
  13. that time my hair looked really good after not even brushing it.
  14. that time we were in a horror movie.
  15. that time i was v holy.