Probably the truest window into my soul, really.
  1. "British Airways First Class 747 Review, SFO to LHR"
    I am OBSESSED with watching videos of other people flying first class on long-haul flights. It is the ultimate view of a world I will never experience. The seats that turn into beds! The free pajamas! The food! The lounges! The champagne! The bathrooms with SHOWERS! It's unreal. I especially like the videos where the first-class passenger moseys down to economy, just to see the withering looks the other passengers give the fancy dude with the camera.
  2. "Queen Elizabeth II hosts state banquet for President Xi Jinping"
    This was work research. Visit, everybody! (End shameless plug.)
  3. "Funniest Milania Giudice Moments"
    Yeah, fine, I watched the first two episodes of "Teresa Checks In" on Sunday night. I'm not proud. Remember when Milania called Joe a troll???
  4. "Best and Worst Makeup Moments in History"
    Lisa Eldridge is my favorite. She is a MAGICIAN. I am excited to read her book.
  5. "Special - Teheran - The Shah's Wedding (1951)"
    Also for work. I could watch old British Pathé newsreels allllllll day long.
  6. "Yo-Yo Ma Takes on Gershwin's Prelude No. 1"
    GO WATCH THIS. It is SO GOOD. I love the new Colbert show.
  7. "Rainbow Mandala Buttercream Cake"
    I find watching other people decorate complicated cakes strangely soothing.
  8. "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, The Platypus"
    This was an incredible, nostalgia-filled YouTube discovery. How do the early 2000s suddenly look SO OLD? Remember this show? Watching it knowing what was on the horizon is FASCINATING now.
  9. "Plan With Me: September 7-13"
    There is an entire genre of YouTube videos featuring people elaborately decorating their planners. It is MESMERIZING.