Items that I can't live without.
  1. Trader Johann's lip balm- without this my lips would probably crumble and fall off.
  2. Noodles-not the pasta but my crazy ass dog. She is my partner in crime.
  3. Chocolate-I like it. No, I fucking LOVE it!! It makes me think of the movie Matilda when Mrs. Truchbull makes that kid it all the chocolate cake. He's covered head to toe in chocolate and it makes me jealous.
  4. Wine- how else would I make it through life.
  5. Baking sweets- how else would I make friends.
  6. Superman ice cream-it's the only thing I'm 100% sure about.
  7. My iPhone- it's important so I can check it every 5 minutes to see no one has texted me.
  8. Pretty Little Liars-how else can I bond with people that are younger than me.
  9. Icebreaker Mints-it not only covers my halitosis but my lies and deception.