1. The last couple months I've felt like an actual potato because I was unemployed other than covering some shifts here and there.
  3. I work at a wherehouse for a v big company and I had my first day there today and honestly it was a lot of fun.
  4. Also so many people said that the job that I was training for at that particular moment was the hardest one and it was literally so fucking easy.
  5. I'm excited to learn. I love learning especially in work environments.
  6. THEN
  7. My old boss texted me asking if I wanted to work as a teacher at the daycare that I used to work at!!!
  8. So cool because the kids are kids that my sister used to be a teacher for.
  9. Needless to say I'm kind of tired already but I'm not gunna wear myself out. This is gunna be good.