I literally love myself so much so get ready
  1. My I don't give a shit attitude (I get "praised" on this one the most)
  2. I have great thick, soft, fast growing hair
  3. My ability to stay calm in stressful situations (usually cause I don't give a shit)
  4. I can always make my best friend laugh when she's crying
  5. I have a really stubborn attitude towards my "beliefs" and opinions on certain things
  6. I always let my friends know how much they mean to me (even if I do try and cuddle and touch them too much)
  7. I'm really good at doing hair
  8. My cat (she's a part of me right??)
  9. While being stubborn and very outgoing and loud a lot of the time I'm still ALWAYS. Always nice to everyone. (Why is this not a thing everyone does, were you raised in a barn????????)
  10. I'm really ballsy for the most part
  11. I can basically go days without sleep
  12. I can basically sleep for days if I want to
  13. Basically I love almost everything about myself and don't try to tell me otherwise