When I have work
  1. Snooze my 3 alarms
  2. Wake up and make 2 cups of coffee (one for now, one for work) and a waffle with a glass of ice water
  3. Go to my room and put on Tyler Oakleys podcast while I do my makeup
  4. Lay in bed because I realize I could've woken up 20 minutes later
  5. Get up to do my hair in the bathroom
  6. Get dressed (take off sleeping sweats to put in work sweats)
  7. Lay back down because I still have time
  8. Oh shit I have to leave 2 minutes aho
  9. Sit in my car and listen to more podcasts
  10. DRIVE TO WORK - fav part of my day. Sunrise and my podcasts and sometimes a nice view 💁🏻