My tattoos🙄

Prefacing this by saying.. These are shit tattoos BYE. Also there in no order because I have no idea what order I got these in.
  1. My most recent tattoo. My sister will eventually get a matching one... Right Rachel??
  2. Equality Bitches
  3. Hopefully getting this one filled in with line work eventually
    The time is my sisters birthday
  4. Matching one with my sister, she has the sun. Basic.
  5. Matching with my good friend Danielle. Got it on the last day she lived near me.
  6. This is supposed to say "it is what it is" in Ukrainian. I am half Ukrainian. I don't speak or read Ukrainian.
  7. I think this was done in a drug front tattoo shop. Still love this one though.
  8. Probably my favorite tattoo and my biggest.
  9. These are my hairy ass legs. These are two flowers on the insides of each of my calves. The top one is my sisters and the bottom is my best friends.
    I'm pretty sure... Oops
  10. This is my cat. On my foot. I love this one.
  11. This one is dumb. It's a stick and poke. Hate the person who did it now lol.
  12. First car key. Nice Courtney.