1. First boyfriend, tricked me into kissing him.
  2. We met at band camp.
  3. I had the biggest crush on him all throughout high school - in a hut in the woods.
  4. Drunk at a party.
  5. Couple month long relationship.
  6. Was obsessed with this kid - ended up having a small dick.
  7. First girl I ever kissed - threw a chair at someone once.
  8. Hooked up with this girl when she had a boyfriend.
  9. The boyfriend of the girl in the previous bullet point.
  10. Boyfriends best friend.
  11. Fucked under a bridge once.
  12. Biggest crush - even bigger penis.
  13. Summer camp co counselor.
  14. Other summer camp co counselor...
  15. Kissed in a bush???
  16. These 3 all kissed me in the same night because they were kissing people at the bar.
  17. Night of banquet had to write down his name to remember it the next day.
  18. Hottest boy I've ever met.
  19. Ruined my life.
  20. Did we kiss?? I can't remember, sorry for throwing up on your floor.