Idea stolen from @lexie_elyse
  1. 1st- finding some really cute clothes that fit really nicely from marshalls. (I bought them for Florida woohoo)
  2. 2nd- seeing Judy at overtones when I got my haircut
  3. 3rd- getting a new pair of sneakers
  4. 4th- getting drunk with my mom and talking shit about everyone at the party
  5. 5th- actually getting my packing done.. Even if it's the day before I leave
  6. 6th- going on my first plane ride!! I was so proud of myself and the nicest couple who helped me through the first part of the flight
  7. 7th- getting drunk with Kamille and her friends!!
  8. 8th- going to Walmart with Kamille, Michelle, and Anna
  9. 9th- going to the pool with Michelle at kamilles apartment complex
  10. 10th- watching the office with Kamille, her roommates, and Michelle
  11. 11th- literally sitting around all day watching Netflix with Kamille and her roommates
  12. 12th- being able to just sit and talk to Kamille after I feel like we were kind of just living the past week
  13. 13th- coming home!!!!
  14. 14th- eating dinner with mommy and rob
  15. 15th- watched 13 hours with daddy
  16. 16th- (I forgot to do this day)😳
  17. 17th- going to hamptonburgh and seeing all the cute animals
  18. 18th- going to the street fair with mommy
  19. 19th- forgot to do this day too oops
  20. 20th- went for a walk with mommy
  21. 21st- went for a walk with mommy after me her and rob had dinner together
  22. 22nd- going for a walk with mommy and Juno
  23. Honestly I fucked up at the end of the month cause I forgot to do this BUT MY SISTER CAME HOME FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY FOR A WEEKEND AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN