1. Perfect weather (65-70 degrees and sunny with a breeze)
  2. Drinking/hanging out/walking/ doing literally anything outside
  3. The porch of my sisters and her old roommates (her best friends) apartment
  4. Sitting outside when it's quiet
  5. Sitting outside and hearing someone playing music (best done in new paltz)
  6. Sitting in the grass
  7. Leaning on/resting my feet/hands on people that I love (I constantly feel the need to touch people I love)
  8. A little bit of a sunburn after being outside all day
  9. TBC
  10. (Can u tell I miss not freezing weather)
  11. Jumping into outdoor bodies of water (surprised this isn't my first one)
  12. Swimming literally anywhere
  13. Filling up a kiddie pool/playing with a hose/trying to cool down when it's way too hot and you're with your friends