Sunday boathouse love

(Or reasons why I love this place)
  1. Aesthetic pleasure overload
  2. More aesthetic pleasure overload
  3. Coffee
  4. The loads of fruit and flowers at the entry
  5. Every time I come here I get treated like a rock star (do they actually think I'm someone else?)
    I mean really... 4 times in a row I've been pulled out of line and taken to the special window to order
  6. This is perfectly acceptable behaviour
  7. It's the home of some seriously amazing memories with my girl @raechel 💙
  8. It's right on the water, a short walk to an amazing beach and near one of my favourite hikes (barrenjoey lighthouse)
  9. The service is incredible, every time.
  10. It's basically a magical wonderland of all my favourite things ✨
  11. You can find it here....