A couple of weeks ago I won tickets to the Australian ballets opening night is symphony in C
  1. "Live as though the universe is rigged in your favour"-Rumi
    Not so much a learning as a remembering. I totally believed that it was very possible I would win those tickets and I did
  2. It is possible to finish teaching a sweaty yoga class at 7pm and be in a cab looking fabulous at 7.05pm
  3. Taking less time to get ready can actually make you feel more fabulous and stylish
    Because you literally just threw this on
  4. There is immense power in owning an excellent silk wrap dress, a subtly sexy clutch, good black pumps and a fabulous lipstick
    It's all about quality and not having to fiddle... List coming soon re:essential capsule wardrobe
  5. Putting your phone/camera aside for two hours to truly EXPERIENCE something is utterly divine. No you don't need a photo to remember the moment... If you are truely in it you WILL remember it.
  6. True grace is found in restraint.
  7. Partaking in the arts (even if you don't consider your self arty) fills your soul more than a new 'thing' ever could