My father always taught me a song is only as good as it is live. (Side note: there are some things I haven't seen live but if I did they would def top the list like Billy Joel, The Shins, and Rilo Kiley reunion)
  1. Honorable mentions:
    Fuzz Fest shout outs-- Matt & Kim and Cage the Elephant. Both are not my favorite bands but they put on such amazing shows I couldn't resist naming them!
  2. Britney Spears in Scranton, PA
    The year 1998, a surprise for my 9th birthday and the first concert that was for me. I still remember the excitement today.
  3. Taking Back Sunday & Underoath in Scranton, PA
    My favorite band at the time. As a teenager this concert was highly awaited and it met all my expectations
  4. Taylor Swift in Philadelphia, PA
    First ever StubHub purchase made me annoyingly nervous but was worth 16th row
  5. Death Cab for Cutie in Philadelphia, PA
    Seeing Grapevine Fires live changed my perception of music p much forever
  6. Katy Perry in Philadelphia, PA
    The absolute funnest concert I've ever attended
  7. Weezer in Bridgeport, CT
    One of my favorite bands playing all the hits and literally just making it by the skin of our noses to see the set
  8. Jack White in New York, NY
    Second time see JW but Madison Square Garden treated me well
  9. Bright Eyes & Mountain Goats in Ithaca, NY (or somewhere in upstate NY I honestly forget at this point)
    Two such musically talented bands put on an amazing show at an amazing venue (which of course I forget now)
  10. Paul McCartney in Bronx, NY
    Of course this is on here. That's right I saw a Beatle live! In the literal last row of Yankee Stadium on my 20th birthday. It was beyond my wildest dreams.
  11. Arcade Fire in Philadelphia, PA
    Words can't even begin to describe me during the concert. My all time favorite band and the first time I was able to see them live was HIGHLY anticipated and it exceeded my every expectation. Every concert lover should experience a concert like I did at this show. It was an actual out of body experience. AF 4ever.